How To Make Money Hedging / Dutching Sports Bonuses With Profit Gateway

Jan 22, 2023

How To Make Money Betting On Sports With Profit Gateway

Ah, betting on Sports and making lots of easy money, ripping it back from the clutches of the greedy gambling sites emerging around the globe. Is it too good to be true?

The answer is a resounding NO. You can make an income Sports betting by beating the house edge in various different ways. In this article, we will touch on exactly how this is done and show you how the advantage is delivered into the hands of Sports Bettors making money like us.

Picture the scene. A company starts up and offers speculators interested (or not) in Sports and betting. They sit down, crack open a drink, maybe grab a snack and they start watching a Sports match like Basketball. They reach for their phone to place a bet that they’ve been planning based on their sports ‘Knowledge’ of that particular team or player.
Without a thought, they have already pushed the ‘place bet’ button. Immediately, the Sports betting site has made money off the gambler. No quicker than you can say ‘damn, I lost my bet’ the money is gone.

WHY, you may ask? Well its all down to math. You see, Sports betting companies know they’ll always win. Whether Toms bet wins or Sally’s does, it really doesn’t matter because of something called overround.

You see, Sports betting Sites factor in overround to their bets. That means, as soon as a bet is placed they know what % they are going to make because they shift the odds around as people wager more money on either selection. For example, if $1M goes on Team A to win, the odds will drop and the same if the money is wagered on Team B.

That means, win or lose, overtime the Sports betting site will take your money. But there is hope!

We can beat Sports betting sites by using simple leverage and advantage play methods. These are ways of beating the house edge by using bonuses and price leveraging methods.

Sports betting sites are always trying to attract customers by giving them a reason to bet. That could be in the form of free bets, bonuses, extra price boosts etc. These are just ways they are looking to get customers to place a wager and lots of people do when they see they’ve got an offer.

But beneath the surface is a simple way to profit from these offers; hedging across different sports betting sites on the same match or game.

Hedging is a beautiful thing. It allows you to take advantage of these free bets and bonuses without risking your money at all. That’s because when you hedge your bets on different sites so they don’t know what you’re doing (And it’s completely legal) then you just can’t lose.

Let me give you an example:

Let’s say a site says bet $1000 and we will give you a $1000 bonus.

What’s stopping you from betting $1000 on site A and then betting $1000 on the other team on site B on a Moneyline bet, covering all outcomes and then unlocking a bonus?

Then, when you’ve got the bonus effectively scott-free, you can just repeat the same process hedging the bonus into profit, with a slightly different variation on the calculation needed and the odds you are taking for your bet.

Well the answer is, there’s nothing stopping you and that’s exactly what we’ve been teaching people all over the globe to do.

We’ve ripped millions out of Sportsbooks and Casinos simply by beating them at their own game. The best part is, they can’t do a thing about it and never will be able to. So we just keep coming back to the shop, picking up the bonuses and turning them into cash over and over again.

You might be thinking, ‘wow, that sounds way too good to be true’. And you’d be completely reasonable to think that. After all, where else can you make $700 in 30-120 seconds work and a few clicks on your phone, tablet or computer. Probably nowhere (if you do know a place, make sure you tell us!).

It’s guaranteed too. Hedging works because you are covering all outcomes. It’s a factual process and doesn’t rely on guessing or gambling, so you can have complete peace of mind. Imagine placing two bets, one on Team A and one on Team B, knowing there’s no outcome where you lose and can only win. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

This isn’t the only way to make money sports betting either and in fact, you could be creaming the money from online Casinos right now too. Again, we use Casino Bonuses to beat the house edge mathematically, like we do inside our other price leveraging methods in Sports Betting.

To put it simply, if you cover yourself, or have some form of an advantage over the Sportsbetting site or Casino in whatever way it may be, you’ll always win. That’s because their overround becomes a redundant force that only works when people are gambling.. And that’s something we just don’t do!

With our exclusive software and Calculators / Guides, we show and tell you exactly how to do it, so your days of gambling are over and you can now bet risk free, making thousands guaranteed in the process!

With a hand held process supported by excellent software and technology, its easy to ruin the process of gambling and make money guaranteed.

And it doesn’t stop there with, our add on methods and upgrades you can continue to grow your portfolio of profit making methods and make even more easy money. Get on board here and you can learn to make thousands from Sportsbetting and Casinos sites all over the world!

It’s all money that’s on offer and there to be taken, so what are you waiting for. Come and get yours today!

See you there!